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Acrylic Pouring Oil - 100% Silicone 20мл

Acrylic Pouring Oil - 100% Silicone - Ideal Silicone Lubricant for Art Applications 

Жидкий Силикон для акрила и флюид-арта. Силиконовое масло 100% 

Чистый силикон без добавок и растворителей. Полностью прозрачный и без запаха.

Вязкость наиболее подходящая для арт применения.


  • 100% PURE SILICONE: Our acrylic pouring oil is 100% silicone - no extra additives or diluting agents. Completely clear and odorless!
  • IDEAL FOR ACRYLIC ART APPLICATIONS: Silicone oils come in many different weights and thicknesses. Our acylic pouring oil represents the ideal weight and thicknes for acrylic art applications
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL LIQUIDS AND MEDIUMS: Our silicone oil is compatible with other necessary products, including Liquitex (TM) Professional Pouring Medium, Flood (TM) Floetrol (TM) / Flotrol liquid paint additive and more

Acrylic Pouring Oil - 100% Silicone 20мл

145,00 ₽Цена
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